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Crowd-pleasing enough to escape the art theaters, cerebral enough to hook in the film snobs, Spring Breakers straddles the growing intellectual divide in our modern cinema, creating something at once vibrant and smart, a societal critique that allows us to slightly revel in that which it is critiquing. Four school girls - and they are girls, wearing puppy shirts and doing gymnastics in their dorm hallway - want to go on spring break. Korine makes this point early and savagely: two of the girls sit bored in a lecture while the teacher talks about how black soldiers returned home from WWII to fight for their equal rights.

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Handsome guy is pushing his pines deeper inside juicy warm vagina of a slutty bitch. Those gorgeous modest babes becoming wild dick seekers during a spring break. Just look how skillful hotty is masturbating while giving a pretty deep blowjob.

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Four young women do whatever it takes to get to Florida for Spring break, including robbing a diner. When they get to Florida and the partying begins, they are arrested for tearing up a hotel, but they are bailed out by a local hustler and drug dealer James Franco who convinces them to help him with some of his schemes. Directed by Harmony Korine.

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Boys, babes, sun, surf and drinks that come by the foot. Here are the top five spots we wish we had all-expense-paid assignments to hint, hint, Boards of Tourism this year. The Scene: The biggest national gay Spring Break destination, Key West offers all the booze, boys and morning-after hangovers of regular Spring Break, but with a far greater hook-up potential. The Scene: Spring break in P.

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The film centers on four college girls who decide that they want to have an insane spring break in Florida to take a break from their relatively boring, but safe lives. What makes this all so scandalous is that among the four leading ladies are Disney Channel stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. In any other movie, the failure of the main cast to really make an impact on the audience would be a huge detriment.

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I f you are still struggling to understand how so many people, including TV commentators and reputable news organizations, were sympathetic to the Steubenville, Ohio teen rapistslook no further than the recent film Spring Breakers. In the opening five minutes, the audience gets slow-motion shots of bare breasts and scantily clad bums jiggling as young co-eds dance and drink on the beach. Despite the fact that college men are also engaged in this debauchery, the camera lingers on the females.

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Spring Break was in May yeah, yeah, yeah we know, but gay marriage was only legal in the US in the last month or so. The Lonely Island lay down a pretty good argument for gay marriage by comparing it to the government-approved annual beers-on-tits-parade that is spring break. Sign up to our newsletters for the latest creative news, projects and more delivered straight to your inbox.

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Aged 19, Harmony Korine won instant notoriety as the writer of Larry Clark's Kidspurportedly the inside dope on sex among American youth. Now 40, and with four features behind him as director, Korine returns to teenage wildlife — but, this time, with something more like the eye of a lecherous uncle. All you need to make a movie, goes the old saw, is a girl and a gun — but you can maximise your revenue by making that four girls in swimwear and an arsenal of guns, and throwing in a score featuring US noise-dance maven Skrillex. All that, plus heroines in Day-Glo itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenies including former Disney starlets Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez here anything but virginal and you can't help wondering whether Korine has sold out, or simply has a hyper-canny grasp of market imperatives.

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Sign in. Can a Batman movie be directed by anybody? Not necessarily.

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Sign in. Entertainment news, trailer drops, and photos abound at San Diego Comic-Con. Browse our Comic-Con guide. Title: Spring Break Massacre Video


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