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Please refresh the page and retry. The fact that he was 15 when he began his attacks means that the US authorities did attempt to extradite him, it is understood. He spent more than eight months targeting a hit list of some of America's most senior officials before he was arrested by British police from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit in February

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Headlines from Def Con, a hacking conference held this month in Las Vegas, might have left some thinking that infiltrating state election websites and affecting the mid-term results would be child's play. Articles reported that teenage hackers at the event were able to " crash the upcoming midterm elections " and that it had taken " an year-old hacker just 10 minutes to change election results. But now, elections experts are raising concerns that misunderstandings about the event—many of them stoked by its organizers—have left people with a distorted sense of its implications.

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Updated May 27, An Adelaide schoolboy who hacked into Apple's secure computer system when he was just 13 years old has been urged to use his "significant talent" for good instead of evil. The boy, who is now 17, faced the Adelaide Youth Court and pleaded guilty to multiple computer hacking charges.

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Just last week it emerged that a year-old uncovered a bug that allowed snooping on iPhone and Mac users thanks to a problem in FaceTime. Now German year-old Linus Henze has uncovered a vulnerability affecting the latest Apple macOS that leaves stored passwords open to malicious apps. That could include logins for your bank website, Amazon, Netflix, Slack and many more apps. Henze found he could create an app that was able to read what was in the keychain without requiring explicit permission from the victim.

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An Australian teenager may have found it amusing enough when he managed to break into Apple's mainframe to name a folder full of stolen Apple files "hacky hack hack," but law enforcement has not found it funny. A teenager from Melbourne, unnamed for legal reasons, is now facing criminal charges after he allegedly accessed Apple's network without permission, leading to the theft of documents and the apparent compromise of customer accounts. As reported by The Agethe teenager managed to compromise "Apple's mainframe" a number of times from his bedroom over the course of a year.

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It took me around 10 minutes to crash a simulation of the upcoming midterm elections. The data were lost completely. Just like that, tens of thousands of votes were up for potential debate, muddying an electoral system already prone to confusion, doubt, and finger-pointing.

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A particularly alarming hack was carried out at the DEFCON hackathon conference over the weekend by an year-old boy. In total, about 50 kids ranging in age from 8 to 16 attended the conference, DEFCON said in a tweetand around 30 of them were able to hack into the imitation election websites. The National Association of Secretaries of State issued a statement in response to DEFCON hacking voting systems, expressing concern about the event encouraging the mock hacking of official election systems and saying it does not accurately reflect the reality of electronic voting in the U.

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Entertainment Internet. Tech News. Kids born only a decade ago have far more tech prowess than their parents. This can be dangerous in many ways.

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In one corner, Steve Gibson, world-renowned computer security expert with his own research corporation, regular adviser to the US federal authorities and former child genius. In the other, a year-old amateur hacker with a PC and a grudge. On paper it looked like a non-contest.

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Voatz: a tale of a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea. They have popped up across the industry and are not vendor specific. Well this is interesting. Says its attempt to recreate and likely hack the shit out of a connected mockup of the election process isn't realistic.


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