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Noisy neighbours can really be irritating at times, disturbing your sleep and regular activities. They may not even know they're bothering you, so it's usually best to start by being polite. If that doesn't work after the first few tries, you might have to move on to stronger measures.

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I was checking out of a hotel in Raleigh and as soon as I opened my room door I could hear a couple being very loud having sex. You could hear it throughout the entire 2nd floor. I thought it was funny so I decided to record it.

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Skip navigation! If your neighbors are having loud sex, you probably wish they would stop. If you're having loud sex, you're probably worried your neighbors can hear you — or you're having so much fun that you don't even care.

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A friend was recently complaining about her lack of sleep. She lives in an apartment with two shared walls and one of those shared walls happens to be in her bedroom. The neighbors on the other side of that wall?

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It has a backyard and two bathrooms and three bedrooms, two of which are downstairs in a room which is situated right underneath the apartment of our neighbours. I have a big bedroom. And a closet that spans the entire length of one wall.

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This phenomenon I am going to be discussing with you can happen in a dorm, when you are in your own apartment, maybe a hotel, or even in a bathroom of your favorite bar. It's fascinating, inappropriate, a little tantalizing and often times really annoying. I'm talking about people having really loud sex.

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I once had a boyfriend who lived in one of those creaky old apartment buildings with noisy steam pipes and radiators that clang. Due to some mystery of its construction, noises carried vertically. In the kitchen, we heard neighbors three floors up cooking their dinner.

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By Jennifer Bain. More than two-thirds of city residents say they regularly hear their neighbors having sex, but few are brave enough to complain about it, according to a survey released yesterday. Getting subjected to all that ecstasy is agony, said roughly half of the New Yorkers polled by BrickUnderground.

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It happens about times a week: I can hear the downstairs neighbors having sex. It really grosses me out. Did you let your neighbor know?

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I can hear my neighbors having sex several times a week. Sometimes it even wakes me up at night. Is the universe against me?


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