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We know this: he is not a predator. He would rather you strike up a friendly conversation than push yourself on him. The Beta Male is not into competition with other men over women.

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The life of an alpha male is usually easier and less stressful than the life of a lower ranking male e. Women want him, guys respect him and he goes after what he wants with confidence, determination and an expectation that he will succeed. Generally speaking, most people accept that he will get the hottest women, get promoted at work and achieve whatever he puts his mind to.

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How do YOU think you can determine a mans interest or lack in a Beta male? I think a beta male is still very much capable of showing interest just like an alpha male. My boyfriend is a self proclaimed beta male but through his actions, made his interest known. Even the most insecure and shy-est guy would make a move if he is interested.

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The manly man, the broad-shouldered, chiseled macho with the prominent jaw bone might be a thing of the past. His contender, the timid, quiet nerd, the beta male has been moving on his territory and gaining recognition and admirers along the way. Why just turn on the TV.

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In this era, where extraversion is lauded and self-absorption seems to be the key to all things, the Alpha Male is seen as the ultimate catch. Well, okay, but what happens when you actually get him? The self-assuredness that was first found attractive turns out to be arrogance.

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If you have to learn, improve or adapt in anyway, you do that, but at the end of the day, you get to where you want to be one way or the other. Takes a masculine approach to women, which makes them feel feminine and girly in response. Women respect him and remain attracted to him.

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For those unfamiliar, beta males — as opposed to the alpha type, typically characterised by swagger and bravado — are generally sensitive, emotional types; people pleasers who prefer to blend in rather than rock the boat. Green, a self-confessed beta male, points to an article arguing that betas are likely to make better long-term partners due to their caring nature and increased capacity for empathy. They are also, however, inclined to a be a bit less sure of themselves than their alpha counterparts — hence the need for a book like this, Green says. It's something he wishes was around when he first started dating women.

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He enters the room with a posse of other males, with smug expression and an air of confidence. His deep voice is not the least of his redeeming qualities, but makes him seem slightly arrogant. He is the Alpha Male.

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Demonstrating that most people are a combination of both sets of qualities, she includes a revealing test to help readers define where they and their partners are on the Alpha-Beta spectrum. Yes, there is a quiz. And it gives you colors.


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